A Message
from The President

President and CEO
Hiroshi Murakami

Since its foundation in 2003, Sumitomo Corporation Global Metals Group has been committed, based on an enterprising spirit, to creating new value through its metal products business and to contribute to building a sustainable and prosperous society in the dynamically changing global market.
In Sumitomo Corporation’s metal products business underpinned by its history and integrity, we have been a key player in its steel business strategies ranging from planning to execution. In 2018, we inherited many of the operations.

Our business is based on "Benefit for self and others, private and public interests are one and the same,” which has been a part of Sumitomo’s business philosophy for more than 400 years, and built upon our strengths including the management resources of an integrated trading company and the expertise of a specialized trading company.With such business philosophy and foundation, we have expanded the network of trust at the global level and achieved steady growth.While cherishing and developing the business nurtured together with all stakeholders, including customers and business partners, we have been constantly taking on further challenges, aiming to anticipate changes in the business environment and seizing opportunities for future growth.

Technological advancement has led to a number of innovations that are changing society dramatically. We are facing such discontinuities and uncertainties.
Moreover, activities to address various social issues, including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), have also become critical management issues for companies. At the same time, these challenges provide valuable opportunities as well.
The fact that we live in uncertain times gives us even more reason to face social evolution with passion and to take solid steps toward a better future, while also aiming to help build a sustainable society.

We appreciate your continued support and guidance.

Hiroshi Murakami, President and CEO