Business Policy

Our society has been changing at an accelerated rate and keeps evolving. In this process, we also see the emergence of new social issues and business partners’ new needs.
Our strengths include the business integrity, which has been passed down through the generations from Sumitomo Corporation as a metal products trading company, as well as our networks, our specialized human resources engaging in the business, and integrated group strength.
We will further enhance this foundation and leverage it so that the organization and employees can strengthen the value and functions they offer. We will design and build a business that contributes to social evolution. By making this circular effort, we will develop into a unique company capable of helping solve social issues and providing value to business partners.

Mission & Vision

To repay the inherent debt to society through creating new value in global markets

Our mission is to repay the inherent debt to community and society. We will lead the market in business evolution by our business foundation with integrated corporate strength and high-level expertise.

Vision 2030

Sumitomo Corporation Global Metals formulated VISION 2030: PASSION FOR PROGRESS for the evolution of society and the demonstration of its true value. Specifically, as its goal for 2030, the company aims to evolve into an enterprise that will deliver high-value solution of problems faced by society and its business partners through the metal business and to lead and contribute to the evolution of society through the demonstration of its true value as an organization and the combined efforts of each individual making up the company.