Our Strength

Our strength enables us to integrate the inherent strength of an integrated trading company and diverse expertise of a metal products trading company, thereby creating business.

Our corporate strengths lie in strategic and organic relationships to fully apply the advantages of Sumitomo Corporation Group's assets, resources and network. We aim to be the best partner, while providing proactive proposals and comprehensive support in all aspects of business for metal products supply and investment project, by both integrated corporate strength and our expertise.

3 Strengths
Our unique and valuable approach to your business problems

We have the capability of value-creation with strategic approaches to reach the best solutions for customers’ business problems. Based on our business foundation, namely integrated corporate strength and expertise, accumulated over years in the industry of the metal business, we will identify and execute optimum solutions for every problem.

Expertise of execution through rich business experience

While we draft plans after conducting simulations to assess potential risks, we also take a variety of countermeasures to handle unforeseen issues in order to ensure our customers' business continues running smoothly.

Well-disciplined people with a diversity of experience are ready to fulfill customer needs

For a trading company, people are everything. Our team of professionals with knowledge, skills and fortitude to produce the best solutions for success, is always ready to satisfy customers' expectations.