Steel Products Division No.2

Plate & Construction Steel Products Business

Strengthening sales to the field of energy and infrastructure along with existing businesses.

One of our core businesses is sales of steel plates for domestic/overseas manufacturers of ships and industrial machinery, however, in addition to this, another important business is sales of steel plates and shaped steel for projects related to natural resource, energy and infrastructure.
Moreover, in the domestic steel plate business for the construction industry, our related company has a key role and aims to enhance its presence in the business field pursuing business opportunities for the overseas construction industry.
Our business is not only trading but also investment, which is our key business factor, and always looking for business opportunities and challenges in new business field.

Specialty Steel Business

Superlative properties of specialty steel can contribute to every customer’s satisfaction.

Our business scope is trading multi-functional and high-grade specialty steel wire, bars and tool steels, and managing subsidiary companies handling processing and logistics depots. Steel wire is used for concrete blocks and tires for their reinforcement, and also used for bolts/screws/springs for automotives. Steel bars are mainly used for crankshafts, gear parts and axles for automotives and tool steel is used for tooling dies by various kinds of manufacturers. With this lineup and technical knowledge and rich experience in the processes of specialty steel, we can fulfill every customer's needs.

Railway Products, Forging & Casting Business

Supplying diverse transport equipment to the world.

Our business scope is sale of parts and equipment for railway, automotive, industrial machinery and other logistic equipment manufacturers and management of our subsidiary companies to establish a top-level value chain in the market.
In our railway business, our business consists of trading railway bogies, wheels, axles, rail and rail fasteners as well as investment in a wheel and axle manufacturer in North America. Also, as a world's first, we have completed and currently operate a ship for transporting long (150 meter) rails. In our automotive and industrial machinery business, our business consists of trading crankshafts as well as investment in their manufacturers at four global locations.